Quality sustainably sourced seafood

The vision of Hacaseafood

10 years of formation and development - it is a process that the company has overcome many challenges and opportunities. The Board of Directors and shareholders have built a long-term sustainable development orientation for the Hacaseafood brand. To confirm for the determination of the Board of Shareholders, the company has changed its name from Bianfishco by Hacaseafood.

  • Hacaseafood committed to provide the safest quality products.
  • Hacaseafood develops sustainability along with ensuring the safety for the environment.
Định hướng phát triển hacaseafood

  1.        VISSION:
  • Become a multi-sector seafood supplier, sustainable development and environment friendliness. ( …, sustained growth and friendly environment )
  1.        MISSION:
  • Bring the nutritional and quality products for meals not only Vietnamese but also the world
  1.        VALUE:
  • Always improve quality, safety, health and the environment
  • Treat everyone equally, respect the difference
  • Be honest and commit to compliance.
  • Brand protection and corporate reputation


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