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Hacaseafood markets

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    More than 95% of HACASEAFOOD’s revenue from exporting seafood to the world

    Over 10 years in business, Hacaseafood always takes quality and prestige as business goals, applying international quality standards in production and business, such as ISO 9001/2000, HACCP, BRC, IFS, ISO / IEC 17025, ... Up to now, products of Hacaseafood have been present in 80 countries and territories around the world. In which, the EU and the United States markets are the potential market in recent years, together with new markets such as South Central America, Brazil, Middle East and China.

    In early 2010, Hacaseafood continued to invest of establishing new collagen plant, processing plant that produces value-added products from fish. So, in the year 2010, together with expanding markets for traditional products - frozen pangasius fillet, HACASEAFOOD continue to develop with new products (VAT products, collagen products , ...), not only in domestic market – Vietnam, but also in international markets.

    All above achievements showed that staffs of HACASEAFOOD determined to produce much products with the goal: health caring for the community. It is the proud of HACASEAFOOD when our products have been trusted by every people in each family meals, and HACASEAFOOD has become a trusted partner for all importers and investors worldwide.

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    Product distribution chart of the Export Markets
    Biểu Đồ phân bố sản phẩm tại các Thị Trường Xuất Khẩu
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    Pie chart, the market share
    Biểu đồ hình tròn, thị phần các thị trường
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    Export turnover chart
    Biểu đồ Kim Ngạch xuất khẩu của 1 vài năm
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